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Like most children, I grew up drawing and coloring. I loved the smell of crayons and brushes dipped in paint, the colors of the markers and pencils, the sheets of paper ready to be filled in… everything was an invitation to create something. As reading was another favorite (I got hooked for life), at some point, the usual landscapes, people and animals were put aside and I started creating comics, which is, we all know, a way to tell a story through drawing. I read a lot of comics… and pretty much anything I had a chance to put my hands on. Adding to this crazy caldron of literature, the stories I heard from my family (bedtime stories and  anecdotes) and the soap operas I watched on TV every night that fueled my already very fertile imagination so, yes, I can say that this is how I started the doll faces.

I’d draw the characters, the scenario, the development of the stories without the frames and speech bubbles of the comics. They were just loose drawings that probably were coherent only to myself… I remember, for example, drawing the passage of time on the character faces, making the once young woman a very old lady. Sort of aging progression of the character by hand. It was fun and unpretentious, for my eyes only.

Years passed and I stopped doing the sketches but the doll faces remained. I would draw them casually every time I got my hands on paper and pen. I say they “show up” because I don’t plan how they will look like and if I do, it just doesn’t look right. They are sort of therapeutic with one caveat: I grow fond of some of them so I keep the ones I like, the ones I believe there is some magic in it. They are just cute.

People who knows me, knows the dolls. And I assume that people who likes me, likes the dolls. And, hopefully, vice-versa, why not? Our existence is entwined, I guess. Despite their unusual features, their imperfections, they come from love and that’s why, I believe, that they somehow find their way to people’s hearts. I used to spread them on paper anywhere I could but now the dolls can be part of day in various ways. The idea is to make you feel playful, to cheer you up, to make you smile for the sole reason of not taking oneself too seriously. I hope that the doll faces bring you the same joy they give me.

Have fun!


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