Our Dolls

Unique Personalities born from Original Hand Drawings.


Lulu is responsible and trustworthy; she’s assertive and shows initiative. “Let’s get down to business” is her motto! There is not a problem she can’t solve effectively. This is Lulu!


“What you see is what you get” defines Isabel. She has a firm handshake and makes eye contact. Her smile is always genuine and makes you feel welcome. This is Isabel for you!


Loyal, kind and receptive are some of Danielle’s notable traits. You can count on her any day, any time, no matter what. The best definition of a true friend: that’s Danielle.


Marcia is a good listener. Yes, she asks questions and she values your answers. She might disagree with you but the differences can be discussed in a constructive way. Marcia is all ears with lots of love.


For Soraia, sometimes, a hug is all you need. Gentle and nurturing, she will make you feel safe and loved. Suddenly you feel better and realize that everything is going to be all right, after all. Soraia knows that hugs are somewhat magical!


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